Bringing team collaboration to the next level

Leaders are key to driving success. But, faced with the complexity of today’s business environment, these leaders cannot succeed by the sole virtue of their own direction. They need the committed leadership of all.


I work with clients to build the leadership capability of their teams, enabling them to acheive a sustainable performance. My mission is to unlock the leadership capital both at the individual and collective levels so that individuals, teams and organizations transform themselves, develop a more collaborative environment and succeed at realizing their core mission.


Respect, integrity, rigor and professionalism are the core values that serve as the pillars of my consulting work. However, on top of these 4 pillars, two other ones represent strong guiding principles in providing the best value to my clients:

Empowering my clients

I believe that, once clients have the right mindset (i.e. viewing leadership as the exercise of influence with others and not only as a vertical capacity), combined with leadership development tools and collaboration practices, they can pursue by themselves the continuous improvement of their team’s leadership capacity).

Therefore, I do whatever is needed to empower my clients so they become much more autonomous and capable to develop leadership, for themselves (self-coaching) and others such as peers, team members or high potential candidates.

Anchoring my interventions to the business needs

I bring a competitive advantage to my clients by ensuring that leadership development strategies are aligned with their broader business objectives.