Bringing team collaboration to the next level

Leaders are key to driving success. But, faced with the complexity of today’s business environment, these leaders cannot succeed by the sole virtue of their own direction. They need the committed leadership of all.

leadership of teams and individuals

For the last few decades and up to now, leadership programs offered by Business Schools organizations and others were mainly directed at developing individuals, high potentials or current managers. This is fine but not enough. When participants go back to their teams, old ways of leading take over.

Supported by scientific research and my own observations in over a hundred organizations, my privileged angle of entry is different. For the last 25 years, I have been developing an expertise on leadership development at the collective level. Because, the more a team is able to share leadership, the better it succeeds, demonstrates accountability, innovates and on top of that, enjoys working together. This applies to all sorts of teams: collocated, virtual or hybrid ones.

But for this to happen, members need to understand who they are (see the Collective Leadership Maturity Index™) and develop together a set of collective leadership competencies that I have presented in my last book. Then the leadership development of individuals can be done for the sake of the common good which, also benefits individuals.

In today’s pandemic and economic challenges, leaders who use this unprecedented time to try new leadership ways and develop differently their team’s leadership can improve collaboration, engagement and performance and this, wherever the team is and more so than those who stick to old leading ways.

In the context of this pandemic, questions are now raising more and more loudly:

  • How to preserve a culture of collaboration and innovation with virtual, hybrid or dispersed teams?
  • How the change of people in the way they think about work will require a different style of leadership?
  • How to make everyone stay mobilized and engaged?

My interventions in organizations aim at assisting leaders and teams at adopting new leadership behaviors to overcome unprecedented challenges, not only during in the pandemic context but for the post pandemic period.