Case studies

Merger and acquisition: Empowering team leadership

As part of their strategic priority, a very large health product manufacturer decided to acquire a small company.

As is the case with many acquisition experiences, the integration was not succeeding as hoped for. For instance, some key leaders had left the company and sales revenues were decreasing, synergies were far from being captured. Discover how this acquisition took a more positive outlook thanks to our assistance.

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Improving team’s performance through Collective Competencies

This business was facing significant competition. Profits were decreasing while customers were becoming more demanding and the organization was less responsive. After numerous efforts using different strategies, a closer look into their leadership dynamic was all that was needed. Read more about the transformation process of this team and its positive impacts.

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Collaboration in virtual teams

Collaboration is significantly more challenging when distance separates team members from one another. How can we make members of virtual teams truly engaged towards a common goal? How to overcome hurdles related to distance and cultural differences? Can members collaborate together for the sake of bringing superior performance and innovative solutions to customers? These are some of the questions frequently raised by leaders of distributed teams.

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