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Le secret des grandes équipes par Edith Luc

(FR) Le secret des grandes équipes
Huit compétences pour un leadership partagé

Édith Luc, Presses de l'Université de Montréal
240 pages • mars 2019

New forms of team-centric organization and innovation require a rethinking of how we think about leadership. The big teams have managed this bet. Whether in the manufacturing, service, trade, education, health or community sectors, these teams with "know-how" are particularly excellent in their field. What characterizes them? What is their secret ? Shared leadership is a powerful driver of performance and leads to innovation, empowerment and commitment, while acting as an antidote to internal competition. In an increasingly demanding world, it is also a way of reconnecting the organization with the human.

Le leadership partage par Edith Luc

(FR) Le leadership partagé

This book describes an approach to both individual and collective leadership development. Throughout the book, leadership is presented as a co-influential process within a group of individuals working towards a common goal.


Clear and concise explanations of concrete examples. An easy read, it's a great presentation of what collaborative leadership is all about. The notions on the importance of promoting dialogue are very interesting. I highly recommend this book.

5 stars out of 5, Elizabeth

I bought this book for my "Leadership and Facilitation" class at Université de Montréal. The book presents multiple real life situations to illustrate the author's different concepts and ideas. Easy to read, the paragraphs and chapters are well structured and spaced, leaving plenty of room to take notes. This book should be read by every manager to improve and his leadership skills. Going over this book will give you a template to mobilize others.

5 stars out of 5
Unleashing Your Leadership Potential, Seven Strategies for Success.

(FR) Le leadership partagé: modèle d'apprentissage et d'actualisation ((Taking part to the Leadership process : Self-actualizing Learning Model )

Edith Luc 2004

This book approaches leadership development from a new angle: One where anyone can develop a leadership potential. It is a method based on 7 strategies that leaders met implicitly used to develop their leadership capacity.

Pratique du leadership

(FR) La pratique du leadership partagé (Shared Leadership in practice)

Édith Luc, Meryem Le Saget Paramètres
198 pages • mai 2013

From multinationals to small ventures, the most successful companies of our era tend to be the ones who apply a collaborative approach to their leadership structure.

This book contains 8 case studies about different companies that have applied collaborative leadership as explained by Edith Luc. Each case study examines a corporate context, different company objectives, and the implementation of collaborative leadership as well as the results of this process.

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential, Seven Strategies for Success.

Unleashing Your Leadership Potential, Seven Strategies for Success.

This book is an adapted translation of my previous book published in 2004 : «The author presents seven strategies and underlying actions by which any individual can discover and develop their leadership skills.»


«The author contributed a much-needed perspective on leadership development by revealing how anyone in an organization can help develop leadership qualities in all employees. Her well-researched and data-based approach will provide insights not only to those who would like to mentor, coach, and develop others. This is a very useful, groundbreaking work.»

Stephen H. Rhinesmith Oliver Wyman Organization and Leadership

Le leadership partagé Nouvelle édition revue : Concepts et applications pratiques (new french edition)

(Coming soon) Expected release fall 2017 - Presses de l'Université de Montréal

French publications about shared leadership are pretty scarce. However, for the past 20 years, this subject has been increasing in popularity. This third edition of shared leadership integrates up to date knowledge and successful practices used in various organizations.

This third edition of shared leadership aims to integrate new knowledge on this approach to leadership and to illustrate the various ways in which it can be applied so as to facilitate its implementation


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Other Contributions

  • Dirat, Geoffrey. (2017), 5 clés pour gérer une conversation délicate,