• Strengthening teams leadership

    • In order to face an increasingly complex, ambiguous and volatile business environment , leaders need to get the full engagement of their teams to thrive.

    • Partnering with my clients, we establish action plans to develop the leadership capacities of their teams. This strategy is followed by the necessary coaching to implement new collective competencies and collaborative practices.
  • Development of individual leadership

    • A team’s leadership is stronger when every member of the team strengthens his own leadership capital and learns how to use it to the team’s benefit. In addition to helping my clients and their teams strengthen their shared leadership, I individually assist interested team members to push their leadership to the next level.
  • Increasing C.A’s effectiveness

    • The administration counsel of any organization represents a particular case of shared leadership while the President is the “first” among his colleagues
    • The services I offer to organisational non-profit C.A’s: testing of their practices and issues followed by a plan to improve their governance. This kind of plan can include actions relative to : the participation, the preparation and development of meetings, the politics and and committees to put in place, strategic planning, the evaluation and the succession of the general direction, etc…Depending on the situations, I accompany my clients with implementation as needed.